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United States

Welcome to the Megatokyo CG Club! :D Sorry about the delay in updates!

hopelessshade :iconhopelessshade:
rufiangel :iconrufiangel: (and hopelessly lazy journal logger)

This club has been kickstarted by hopelessshade and rufiangel as co-admins.

Our Main Aim: to collect CG-ers of all levels who enjoy colouring the lineart of Fred Gallagher's Megatokyo, ( the online webcomic.

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the lineart, nor do we claim to have drawn it. We have merely coloured it in at our whim, and Fred has kindly given permission to CG-ers to colour in his lineart for both enjoyment and practice.

So there you have it. :dance:

:megaphone: Bulletin Board :megaphone:

:postit: I apologise for the long delay! It's entirely my fault; hopelessshade is completely innocent. I'm the one who's lazy. ;o;*

:postit: If you're an SD forumite and you're here through the thread I'm about to post in there, welcome~! :love:

:postit: The first contest is now open.

:postit: Our ID is still in the works as poor hopelessshade is going through some tough monitor troubles. *crosses fingers* Hope you get that fixed soon~

:postit: I'll have to reorganise the journal logs a bit so I won't have to always post these massive rules and regulations everytime I post. @_@;; Well, I'll get around to it... *cough*

:postit: If you have submitted something, don't worry if it hasn't been uploaded into our account yet. hopelessshade will get around to it sooner or later~ :D

:star: Contest :star:

:lightbulb: We are finally holding our first CG contest! :D This one will last the weekend at least because your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: CG a panel from the latest Megatokyo strip (…). That's it. We expect to those sad Kimiko panels will be popular. :D

:lightbulb: The judges are the site admins hopelessshade and yours truly. :P

:lightbulb: The criteria for judging is plain and simple; good technique, good colour choices and effective capturing of emotion.

:lightbulb: There will be another journal entry announcing the end of this contest, so keep an eye on us. :D It should last till the next strip goes up, meaning you guys have the weekend. But it depends how many entries we get, and also whether the next strip is delayed or not~ This means that it should end on the Monday, 25th of September.

:star: How to submit Contest Entries :star:

:lightbulb: Quite simply, upload your CG onto your own devart account with the appropriate disclaimer and send us a note with the words "Contest Submission" in the title with a link to your CG. :D Piece of cake!

:lightbulb: Please note that submissions done through any other means (e.g. MT forum note or whatever) will be ignored.

:star: Prizes :star:

:lightbulb: We'll favourite your entry and post it in the journal in our next logging. :love: You get free advertising!

:bulletgreen: Joining :bulletgreen:

:pointr: If you would like to join the club, there are really no requirements as to how good you are -- this club is for beginners and pro-CG-ers alike. :D

:bulletgreen: To join, please note the club with the words 'join club' somewhere in the title. Comments on the journal or on the main page requesting to join will be difficult to manage~

:bulletgreen: In joining this club, posting an icon of the club into your personal account's journal is really not compulsory but we'd appreciate it.

:bulletgreen: If you're a regular at the SD forums please tell us your forum name for the sake of clarity. :D

:bulletblue: Submissions :bulletblue:

:pointr: Please keep in mind that all submissions must follow our regulations posted below~

:bulletblue: To have your CG uploaded once you've joined, please note the club with the word 'submission' somewhere in the title. It'll make it tons easier for the admins to sort out the submissions and the join requests.

:bulletblue: The lovely admin hopelessshade is in complete charge of your butt and your CGs. :D

:bulletblue: In order to have your CG posted in the mtcg gallery, upload your work into your own devart account before noting a link to it to the club. hopelessshade will post it accordingly, with a link back to your original work.

:bulletblue: There will always be an extra note on your CG posted in the club informing those who view it from the club to leave comments in your own CG from your own account, so you will be informed of any C&C or gushing through to your own account.

:bulletblue: If you, like the lazy rufiangel a.k.a. me, would like to post your CG into the club but not into your own account, then upload your CG to the net through an image host provider before sending the club a note with a link to it. Keep in mind you'll have to check back to the club's upload of your work if you want to check for comments.

:pointr: In your upload of a CG into your own account, please insert the mtcg icon into your artist comments for that deviation~

:boing: On Constructive Criticism :boing:

:boing: One of this club's main aims is to provide constructive criticism on CGs. The admins are open to C&C too; we aren't lords of the CGs or anything, we just man the club! :XD: This is deviantart, and so we have a huge asset: the ease of posting comments. With this we intend to provide budding CG-ers critical commentary on their work to help them improve how they colour.

:boing: Despite the above, one of the main aims of the club is to have fun!  We are celebrating Megatokyo by bringing it to colourful life, after all. No one should give utterly unconstructive and unhelpful commentary, and if they do we will slap them with trouts.

:boing: On the other hand, if you reject kind and helpful commentary rudely, we will slap YOU with trouts.

:bulletpurple: Rules and Regulations :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: We are huge fans of Fred Gallagher's art and story for Megatokyo. We do not condone any work that attempts to harm or belittle Megatokyo in any way.

:bulletpurple: We do NOT claim to own any rights over Megatokyo or the lineart. We are simply colouring them under Fred's kind permission to let us CG-ers have fun.

:bulletpurple: As a result of the above point, all CGs posted here at the mtcg will contain a disclaimer. You don't have to add a disclaimer in your own upload to your own account. But for God's sake don't claim the lineart's yours, or me and hopelessshade will be after you with pitchforks.

:bulletpurple: As CG-ers this club is not for Megatokyo fanart, but is devoted to colouring Fred's lineart both digitally and traditionally.

:bulletpurple: Even if we do not own Fred's art, we still have individual rights over the CGs we produce in the sense that you coloured in the lineart as a collaborative work. Therefore no stealing of any work posted here shall be condoned. If discovered you will die a very painful death. The forbidden summoning of SGD may be invoked.

:bulletpurple: As you as see, hopelessshade and rufiangel -- the co-admins -- both have very different types of CG-ing styles. From this, I hope it's rather clear that we accept all kinds of CG-ing styles and do not pride one over the other. Soft and cel-style and traditional and whatever -- we accept and enjoy all kinds of CG-ing. No hierarchy of styles will be tolerated.

:star: Members :star:

:postit: We have roped some CG-ers in without their realising it, btw. :D So they cannot escape our clutches. There are some brilliant CGers on the SD forum, both hopelessshade and I are both aware. But we don't know their devart accounts, if they even have any, so... >_>;; For now, this will do.



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